Seeking Proof of the Paranormal ​Understanding of the Unnatural

Central Arkansas Paranormal Society is a non-profit organization based mainly in Central Arkansas. We strive to cover our state and welcome invitations to investigate outside Arkansas. Our members are of different ages, religions and beliefs and are located all around Arkansas.


Our goals are to help those who are being emotionally and/or physically harassed by the paranormal and to document paranormal activity for those who are curious or just want peace of mind. We will do our best to determine the kind of activity that is present and help to reduce or eliminate it. As there are no guarantees, we don’t charge any fees. This is a science, hobby and passion for us.


We investigate haunted establishments to document paranormal phenomena for visual and audible evidence. We take strong measures to refute all evidence before claiming it to be paranormal. We conduct our investigations in a professional manner and have spent the last few years studying, investigating and researching the paranormal.


You can use the form below to contact us if you are in need of our services, would like to join our society or have any questions. 


Monica King


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